About iAnthus

iAnthus Capital owns and operates licensed cannabis cultivators, processors and dispensaries throughout the United States. Founded by entrepreneurs with decades of experience in operations, capital markets, corporate finance, law and healthcare services, iAnthus provides a unique combination of capital and hands-on operating and management expertise to create unparalleled value for its shareholders. iAnthus allocates resources to each step of the operational process to achieve maximum growth.

Our Mission

At iAnthus, we provide cannabis investors with diversified exposure to best-in-class, licensed operations throughout the United States.

We believe cannabis is the next great American industry, with exceptional opportunities for investors to benefit from the growth of legalized cannabis in the United States. We apply rigorous analysis to determine the very best business prospects in each market across the country and use our operational experience to ensure the best results.

Our Cannabis Operations

The iAnthus team is building a significant competitive advantage through efficient operations.  This is facilitated by the standardization of systems and performance metrics and by proliferating best in class operational techniques and learnings across the iAnthus network.  The results include more efficient operations that can scale and adapt quickly, higher quality and lower cost products to patients, and superior investment returns.  This is possible because the team has a high level of expertise developed in large, fast paced, highly regulated industries.