About GrowHealthy

GrowHealthy Holdings, LLC and its affiliates were formed in 2014 to apply for a license as a Dispensing Organization under the original Florida low-THC medical cannabis program through its affiliated partner, McCrory's Sunny Hill Nursery, LLC ("McCrory's"). McCrory's was licensed as a Dispensing Organization by the Florida Department of Health on December 21, 2016, and then subsequently licensed on July 5, 2017 to cultivate, process, transport, and dispense full-strength medical cannabis as a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center under the new Medical Use of Marijuana Act passed in June 2017.

Florida continues to show strong growth since its implementation of full-strength medical cannabis rules in June 2017. There are 60,965 registered patients and 1,293 qualified physicians as of December 15, 2017, representing ~213% and ~48% growth, respectively, and the program is adding approximately 236 patients and two physicians per day.

GrowHealthy continues to be a leader in the Florida market:

  • First delivery on November 13, 2017;
  • Secured a lease agreement for its flagship dispensary in a high traffic area of West Palm Beach with ~70,000 cars per day; and
  • Over 25,000 square feet of the cultivation and processing facility has been built out to-date, fitted with appropriate areas for extraction, packaging, vegetation and flowering.