About Mayflower Medicinals

Mayflower Medicinals is a licensed medical cannabis provider in the state of Massachusetts. Mayflower will cultivate and manufacture world-class cannabis products out of its 36,000 square foot, state-of-the-art production facility in Holliston, MA, and dispense these products from three strategically placed retail locations throughout the state. Mayflower's flagship dispensary in Boston is one of only three dispensaries to date that are licensed to operate in the city.

Why We Love Massachusetts

In November 2016, voters in Massachusetts passed another cannabis reform initiative, this time to legalize the use of cannabis for adults over the age of twenty-one. With an estimated 15% of its population being cannabis consumers1, Massachusetts is expected to become one of the largest cannabis markets in the country. The sale of recreational cannabis within Massachusetts has been targeted for July 2018.

iAnthus has one of three dispensaries currently approved in Boston with a population of 670,000 people and 800,000 additional daily commuters. There are over 13 million people that reside within 150 miles of Boston making it an extremely attractive market to operate in.

iAnthus Investment

On December 31st 2017, iAnthus worked with Mayflower and its management company, Pilgrim Rock Management, to finalize iAnthus' 79% equity ownership in Pilgrim Rock. This will provide a broad range of real estate and equipment leasing, IP licensing and professional services to Mayflower.

1. According to a 2009 survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)