iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. provides investors diversified exposure to best-in-class licensed cannabis cultivators, processors and dispensaries throughout the United States. Founded by entrepreneurs with decades of experience in investment banking, corporate finance, law and healthcare services, iAnthus provides a unique combination of capital and hands-on operating and management expertise. The Company leverages these skills to support a diversified portfolio of cannabis industry investments for our shareholders.

iAnthus operates in 6 states, potentially comprising 7 cultivation facilities, 15 dispensaries and 4 processing facilities.

Broad Management Expertise

We are distinguished by our team’s depth of hands-on management, investment and cannabis experience. Our careers span investment banking and corporate finance, healthcare operations, facilities management, regulatory compliance, public policy advocacy and patient and physician outreach. As a result, our insights are hard won and grounded in real-world experience.

Strategic Alliances

The cannabis industry is complex and increasingly competitive. Even after satisfying their financing requirements, license holders must navigate a host of issues from regulatory pitfalls to cultivation and operational concerns. To equip our partners to confidently address these matters, iAnthus has developed strategic partnerships with best-in-class industry-sector leaders in dispensary operations, commercial-scale cannabis cultivation, regulatory law, and the science of cannabis product formulation and testing.

Compelling Investment

Expanding exponentially, legalized cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. today and an exceptional opportunity for investors. Half of the American states have legalized full-strength cannabis for either medical or adult use. Direct legal cannabis sales in the U.S. are estimated at $6.7 billion in 2016 and projected to grow to $21.8 billion annually by 2020. iAnthus provides a diversified investment opportunity in licensed operations across multiple favorable U.S. cannabis markets, managed by an experienced team.

aianthous (i-AN-thus)

1. Horticulture: Flowers all year; semperflorus
2. Continuously in bloom or flower

Building better cannabis companies

At iAnthus, we believe cannabis is the next great American industry, with exceptional opportunities for high yield investments, partnerships and acquisitions.

We apply rigorous analysis to determine the very best business prospects in each market across the country. By crafting agreements that create valuable partnerships, we remain hands-on with our investments, working with our partners to optimize opportunities, overcome hurdles and maximize value.